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Matthew Rochte, LEED AP, an experienced, operations-based sustainability / corporate responsibility (CSR) consultant, works with company management to navigate and realize the opportunities in taking their company green and grow sustainably

Sustainability is fundamentally about smart business and innovation. It is most effective when it creates value through cost reductions, strategic advantage, engagement, and increased sales. In these unparalleled economic times, smart companies are seeing the immediate and long term benefits of reorienting their thinking toward sustainable systems: from operations; to supply chain; to management; to product line.

The Opportunity In Sustainability sm: When examined through a systems lens, businesses discover significant opportunities in smart, green business practices that serve the financial bottom line, inspire their people, and change the world for the better.

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WorkingIntentionally is about getting results, sustainable results

Consulting, coaching and training services for business leaders in the areas of sustainability, green business, leadership, change management, successful mergers, strengths, communication, and relationship dynamics.

Executive Business Consultant/Coach, Matthew Rochte, has been working with business owners and leaders for nearly 20 years and is a graduate of three top coach training program.  He is the Past President of the Minnesota Coaches Association and recently served his 6th year on the International Coach Federation’s Ethics and Standards Committee.