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Public Speaking

Matthew is available to speak at conferences, corporate events, and facilitate community / team/ board conversations. Matthew speaks on topics ranging from Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility to Green Jobs to Conscious Capitalism to Integrated Strategic Planning to Understanding How Attitude and Perspectives Affect Results. Sampling of Speeches given:

The Opportunity In Sustainability sm
Green Business Is Smart Business sm

Abstract: When examined through a systems lens, businesses discover significant opportunities in smart, green business practices that serve the financial bottom line, inspire their people, and change the world for the better.

Making The World Round Againsm
While pessimism rules and hope appears scarce, a recent convergence of business, science, and spirituality is creating Conscious Capitalism and restoring hope to the future.

Abstract: Pessimism has taken hold of our culture, while hope appears to be scarce. This lecture & dialogue shares how hope is everywhere, just below the surface. Real changes are occurring locally and globally in business and culture creating a new paradigm for capitalism. Matthew will share how through his cross-disciplined studies he continually finds signs of hope that others seem to miss. He discovered that seemingly disconnected concepts in business, science, spirituality, and culture were in reality interrelated and are being manifested both locally and globally as an unconscious positive global paradigm shift.

Attitudes & Perspectivessm

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Abstract:Matthew Rochte presents a powerful tool to help people identify, manage and choose their perspectives and l earn how perspectives affects results. It is an interactive exercise that raises awareness about how our attitudes affect the way we see the world and the results we get. The ability to recognize and manage your state of mind – in the moment – is an essential professional and personal skill because how you see the world impacts your thinking, emotions, decisions, and actions.

If you would like Matthew to speak at your next engagement please contact Matthew directly at 612-332-1642

If you are looking for a way to engage a large team and bring them all onto the same page around issues of leadership, sustainability, corporate responsibility, strategy – consider bringing Matthew in to conduct and convene a conversation circle or cafe with your leadership team or project development team (see below for a fuller description of conversation circles)